Book of Revelation – Things About To Come

Book of Revelation-Events About To Come Does the Book of Revelation speak of events which “are” about to come? Those who see all prophecy as yet unfulfilled believe so. They often can be found citing Revelation 1:19, to depict events past in the Apostle John’s time, things presently occurring when he wrote, and amazingly, things far distant in the future,…

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Reponse to Sam Frost on John 11 25 -26

Sam Frost is a former full preterist. He left full preterism a few years ago and returned to futurism. Since that time, he has become a self-styled champion opponent of the full preterist view. In discussions on Facebook, we have sparred back and forth on the doctrine of the resurrection. Recently, he posted to his blog, and shared the link…

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