Habakkuk 1:5 and Hebrews 10:37

Habakkuk’s prophecy was fulfilled in the time of the Chaldean destruction. He was told to “look among the nations” because God would “work a work in your days” as he was “raising up the Chaldeans”. 1:5,6. The vision was for an appointed time, but would not lie. There would be a delay, but it woud not be a permanent delay.…

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Rick Eckhart – Lies, Falsehoods and Deception

Richard Eckhart is a person of whom I know very little with the exception of his postings on Facebook. I just discovered his blog which is more of a flog, newandliving.wordpress_com. He has posted several articles, photos and videos on youtube attacking me personally in his wild and reckless attempts to refute what I teach. One post in particular is:…

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