Witness in Trump classified documents case retracted ‘prior false testimony,’ DOJ says

WASHINGTON — A witness in the criminal case against Donald Trump over the hoarding of classified documents retracted “prior false testimony” after switching lawyers last month and provided new information that implicated the former president, the Justice Department said Tuesday. The new information from the […]

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China’s military working on AI weapons and systems for warfighting and ‘overthrowing regimes’

China’s military is working on artificial intelligence weapons and technical systems that the Communist Party-ruled government in Beijing hopes will boost the People’s Liberation Army’s warfighting capabilities. The PLA, in recent months, has disclosed work on ChatGPT-like AI systems in military writings, according to a […]

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California library kicks out ex-college soccer player for ‘misgendering’ transgender athletes

A former college soccer player and conservative activist was kicked out of a California public library after she was accused of “misgendering” biological males who identify as female during a presentation on fairness in women’s sports. Sophia Lorey, outreach coordinator for the California Family Council, […]

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Stolen, rigged and illegitimate: Democrats’ long history of objecting to election results

Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and dozens of congressional lawmakers have a decadeslong history of objecting to state and federal election results and have attempted to block every Republican presidential winner since 2000. No Democrat has been prosecuted for challenging […]

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