Coast Guard asks mariners for help searching for sailor missing from trip to Hawaii

The U.S. Coast Guard put out a notice Friday asking other seamen to look out for the Malulani sailboat scheduled to arrive in Hawaii two weeks ago.

Noel Rubio, 60, left Long Beach, California, on the 32-foot sloop on Dec. 28, heading for Oahu. His last contact was with a friend using a cellphone, from south of Catalina Island.

Mr. Rubio was supposed to finish his 2,552-mile voyage on Jan. 18, the Coast Guard said.

The Coast Guard is checking harbors in California, Mexico and Hawaii for the boat and Mr. Rubio, plus is monitoring marine radio broadcasts.

People with experience sailing across the Pacific have advised where the Malulani may have gone and what conditions Mr. Rubio may have encountered.

“The Coast Guard is greatly appreciative of the expert consult advice on weather and routes provided by experienced trans-Pacific sailors,” Douglas Samp, a search and rescue mission coordinator with the military service, said.

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