Coming soon: The church’s ‘godly governance’

The Bible – especially the Old Testament – seems like such a long time ago. Even the New Testament, the time when Jesus walked this earth in the flesh, is ancient to many of us. History is no longer studied as much as it is rewritten.

Anno Domini, the Day of our Lord. Even the designation of time amongst researchers became controversial, giving rise to the Common Era designation.

Jesus, however, did exactly what he came to this world to do. He did not come to unite the world. He came to unite us, a struggling and broken humanity, with God. His success or failure to do so will not be measured by the letters before or after historical events, but by the events soon to take place on earth that will affect each one of us … forever.

Anno Domini, the year of our Lord, regarding His soon return will be the most controversial time of history on planet Earth. The globalists, billionaires and one-worlders seek at any cost to prevent it, but they are powerless to alter it by one iota. Various churches and denominations argue about what events they think must come first, or follow afterwards, but their timestamps only make them seem wise in their own eyes. God roams equally well through both time and distance. He lives outside of them; they have no effect upon Him.

When Jesus walked through the closed door to the Upper Room where his Disciples were meeting following His Resurrection, He didn’t quote Scripture or argue theology with the men seated there. He showed them His hands. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world right now if we did the same for the broken, hurting people of this world? The ones who have believed the world’s lies?

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While we go about our days arguing or wondering about end times timing, our Father God is wondering who is going to bring in the end times harvest of souls – the ones His Son already paid for on the Cross. You know, those people who have only the vaguest idea of the only two alternatives available to any of us here on this earth, after we enter the supernatural realm of spiritual eternity at our physical death.

The Old Testament is particularly good at showing us God’s size and scale of operations. This current era will be as well, although many of us will not understand this until most of it is over. The church that hell will not prevail against has not yet had its chance to show the world what godly governance is. Soon, it will.

This is likely to be a small sliver of time across history, but it will be a glimpse into what the earth can be under godly governance. This has been neglected by the “Well, you know everything is going to get worse and worse, and then the end will come” chorus, but they, too, will have their time in the limelight. The church, however, having fulfilled its purpose, will not participate in what evil people will do to the earth and humanity during their reign of error. Apparently, this tribulation period will be so bad that Jesus, himself, will return to deal with fallen humanity’s ideas of perfection.

The one-world billionaires’ big tech fantasies are probably a drop in the bucket of tears we see now, as they pursue their dreams of being masters of the universe, and ruling over everyone and everything in God’s creation. It is a mistake they will have all of eternity to contemplate. It will, however, conclusively demonstrate the folly of godless humanity creating a perfect world, made in their own image. That is likely why God ends up creating a new heaven and earth after their reign is ended. Big tech, big pharma and big egos are not humanity’s friends.

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