Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy says border deal is close

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) -After months of bipartisan talks, Senate negotiators say they are close to unveiling a border deal any day now, but the proposal is already facing some pushback from a group of conservative republicans before it’s even out.

Democrat’s lead negotiator, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, says they’ve reached a compromise to secure the southern border and extend aid to Ukraine.

“To give the president new powers to try to control the flow of people at the southwest border,” said Murphy.

The package includes aid for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan and provides funding for U.S. border security, including the implementation of new policies like a mandatory border shutdown if daily crossings go above 5,000 people a day, plus asylum reforms.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says passing the bill soon is critical for our national security.

“Our southern border is in urgent need of fixing,” Schumer said.

Some Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, say the pending policy changes will make the border crisis even worse.

“We’re not going to agree to a fix if it doesn’t solve the problem,” Johnson said.

Schumer says he plans to bring the bill to the Senate floor for a vote next week.

Source: Rocky Mountain News

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