Cops Hunt Five Inmates Who Escaped County Jail Through Plumbing Pipes

U.S. Marshals Handout

Multiple rewards are being offered for any information about the whereabouts of five inmates who escaped the St. Francois County jail in Farmington, Missouri, on Tuesday.

The jailbirds were discovered missing during the 10 p.m. evening headcount, and upon investigation were seen on surveillance tape breaking into a secured cell and then escaping through a window before scaling the building to the roof and then disappearing down the large plumbing chase that houses the pipework of the jail.

Rewards of $5,000 are being offered for inmates Kelly McSean, 52, who identifies as a woman who is serving time for sexual assault; Aaron Wade Sebastion, 30, serving time for assault; and Lujuan Tucker, 37, also serving time for statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl. Rewards of $2,500 are being offered for Michael Wilkins, 40, serving time for burglary; and Dakota Pace, 26, serving time for grand theft auto.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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