Cops in Hazmat Suits Beat Back Fiercest Chinese Protests Yet


Billy club-wielding police officers in hazmat suits have wrestled angry anti-zero-COVID protesters into submission across China—at least for the moment.

Battlegrounds in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and elsewhere, where fierce fighting between protesters and security forces raged Tuesday, were hauntingly quiet on Wednesday, according to several international press outlets allowed to report from the country on the biggest act of civil disobedience under Xi Jinping’s reign.

In the U.S., national security spokesman John Kirby underscored the White House warning that peaceful protesters should be allowed to voice concerns. “We don’t want to see protesters physically harmed, intimidated, or coerced in any way,” he told CNN on Tuesday. “That’s what peaceful protest is all about and that’s what we have continued to stand up for whether it’s in China or Iran or elsewhere around the world.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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