Nick Tilsley’s son will find himself in grave danger next week as Sharon Bentley uses him to get to Leanne Battersby.

Sharon – who is played by Tracie Bennett in the ITV soap – will grow mysteriously determined to track down Leanne, who’s in witness protection after turning drug dealer Harvey into the police.

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Sharon raises suspicions when she tries to track down Leanne[/caption]

Sharon returned to the cobbles this week with a sob story and shocked the life out of her former foster mother Rita Tanner.

But next week, it looks like she’ll be back to her old tricks when she steals Gail’s laptop while her back is turned to find Nick’s mobile number.

When Jenny spots Sam on Sharon’s screensaver, she confronts Sharon, who tells her she must have picked up Gail’s laptop by accident.


Sharon uses Sam to get to Nick[/caption]


Sharon offers to help at Sam’s birthday party[/caption]

Jenny returns the laptop to Gail, claiming she picked it up by accident, but Shona’s suspicions are immediately raised. 

Sharon ups the ante later in the week when she overhears Sarah talking about Sam’s party – and offers to help out. 


Sharon tells Sam she’ll organise a meeting between him and his dad[/caption]

When Sarah gets a text from Nick asking her to meet him, Sharon offers to collect Sam from school. 

Sharon returns Sam and, when he says how much he misses Nick, she suggests setting up a secret meeting between the pair. 

Meanwhile, Sarah returns and reveals that Nick didn’t show up.

What is Sharon up to – and could Sam be in danger?

Corrie boss Ian MacLeod teased last year that a ‘familiar face’ to Rita Tanner will arrive on the cobbles and become embroiled in Leanne’s ongoing drug storyline.

He said: “The thing that’s exciting me the most is the Leanne story, which I know I’ve been a bit vague about. I think it’s incredibly exciting.

“It will also draw in Rita at a certain point – and there’ll be a blast from the past for Rita that emerges as a result of the story.

“I really think this story will end up in the place where you least expect it when you start watching it in the New Year.”

Source: The Sun

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