THE UK has not reported any deaths linked to Covid-19 for the first day since summer last year.

No coronavirus deaths within 28 days of testing positive for Covid were reported on Tuesday, according to the Government.

It is the first time this has happened since July 30, 2020.

Despite the new stat, the UK will be forced into yet more lockdowns unless we increase the speed of people getting their second vaccination, experts have warned.

It is thought the majority of new cases come from the terrifying Indian variant which is continuing to pick up pace as it spreads across the country and has becone the dominant strain.

It is believed to be both more transmissible than the variant first detected in Kent, which previously dominated, and somewhat more resistant to Covid vaccines, particularly after one dose.

Scientists now fear that unless the UK speeds up its vaccination programme to get Brits their second dose, the strain will run riot among people who’ve only had a single jab – increasing hospitalisations and deaths.

Professor Ravi Gupta, a member (Nervtag), said the UK is already in the grip of an “early” third wave of Covid-19 infections and and we should now push back plans to scrap all Covid measures on June 21 “by a few weeks”.

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Source: The Sun

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