Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in the NFL according to shock new research with top 10 revealed

NEW research has revealed that the Dallas Cowboys have the NFL’s best fans.

Jerry Jones’ team came out on top of a recently published top ten, with one of their most bitter rivals having narrowly missed out on the top spot.

Six of the top ten hail from the AFC


Six of the top ten hail from the AFCCredit: Reuters
Dallas' devoted fanbase just beat the 49ers to the top spot


Dallas’ devoted fanbase just beat the 49ers to the top spotCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The study from Sidelines.io took into account a team’s social media following and the engagement they saw online, average attendance, and the average spent by fans, among other metrics.

The Cowboys came out on top thanks to an average home attendance of 93,465 and total attendance of 82,915.

Dallas fans are also among the “biggest spenders,” according to the research, “spending an average of $279.81 on merchandise, and $147.68 on food and drink inside the stadium.”

In second were the San Francisco 49ers, thanks in no small part to their league-leading social media engagement rate of 2.96%.

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Their average attendance of 71,131 and 70,571 on the road also ranked among the best in the NFL.

The AFC’s highest representative was the reigning Super Bowl Champions – the Kansas City Chiefs.

They finished third in the ranking thanks to their average attendance of 71,131, and 70,571 away from home, as well as the average of $210.31 spent by fans on team merchandise each year.

Fourth and fifth see a return to the NFC thanks to the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks.

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The Rams boast an impressive annual average of $332.08 spent on team merchandise, while Seattle had an average of “60,018 likes per post” which helped them reach the top five.

At six are the Las Vegas Raiders who were above average in social media engagement, and were noted for their away support, averaging 69,953 fans watching their Silver and Black away from home.

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue this run of only AFC teams in the second half of the ranking at seven.

The report states that “With over 3,400,000 followers on Instagram, it’s impressive that fans maintain an engagement rate of 1.54%.”

Heading over to New York and the Buffalo Bills who are commended for their “high engagement rate,” “high overall attendance,” and the $260.86 spent on average by fans on team merchandise.

The ranking then stays in the North East, with the New England Patriots at nine.

New England boasts the most Instagram followers in the league, however, their engagement rate is just 0.57%.

Finally, it’s back to Texas to close out the top ten, with the Houston Texans.

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The third team in the ranking that is fresh off of a losing season – along with New England and Las Vegas – this seemingly hasn’t dampened their fans’ willingness to dip into their pockets.

According to the report, their fans’ average of $380.17 spent on team merchandise and $169.95 on game-day food and drink are both league highs.

Texans fans' spending helped their team reach the top ten


Texans fans’ spending helped their team reach the top tenCredit: AP

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