Deadline to collect next round of 2 different monthly checks worth $1,277 & $1,657 is in 24 hours – exact time to apply

THE deadline to collect two monthly benefit payments worth $1,277 and $1,657 is in 24 hours.

November’s final social security payment is set to roll out tomorrow, with 78million recipients in line to receive a check.

Social Security beneficiaries can collect two monthly benefit payments worth $1,277 and $1,657


Social Security beneficiaries can collect two monthly benefit payments worth $1,277 and $1,657Credit: Getty

The average benefit for retired Americans is $1,657.

However, payments worth up to $4,194 can be claimed for people who decide to wait until age 70 to claim their SS benefits in 2022.

Disabled Americans who receive SS Disability Insurance can also expect to see a payment worth an average of $1,277 on Wednesday.

With just five weeks remaining until the new year, SS recipients could see an increase in their payments in 2023 due to the new cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA).

Final $1,657 payment ahead of 2023 increase - see exact December dates
Only 48 hours until automatic payments worth up between $1,657 & $4,194 go out

Remaining SS 2022 Schedule

Recipients can get their money on the second Wednesday of the month if their birthday falls between the first and the 10th of the month.

If you were born between the 11th and 20th, you’ll be paid on the third Wednesday of the month.

For dates after the 20th, you’ll be paid on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

November 2022

  • Fourth Wednesday: November 23

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December 2022

  • Second Wednesday: December 14
  • Third Wednesday: December 21
  • Fourth Wednesday: December 28

SSDI claimants are on the same schedule, as long as they started claiming after 1997.

Those who qualify for SSDI are those with disabilities who can no longer work, or in the same capacity as once before.

2023 Cola

The COLA is calculated based on data from the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), which measures changes in the cost of popular goods and services.

The COLA for 2023 will be 8.7 percent, which will add $144 to the average payment.

The increase, which is the highest it’s been since 1981, is meant to help beneficiaries deal with the surging inflation recorded over the previous year.

However, retirees must have worked in Social Security-approved jobs for at least 35 years to receive it and delay their claim long enough.

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