‘Deadpool 3’ Super Bowl Trailer Introduces Disney to Shocking Sex Act

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Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has returned. The R-rated (bordering on X-rated) anti-hero is back for more innuendos, gory violence, and…pegging?

Wade Wilson—a.k.a Deadpool—is still suffering after the events of Deadpool 2. When he tries to have a simple celebration for his birthday, Wade is met with an army of men with long, frightening tasers. “Is that supposed to be scary?” Wade teases. “Pegging isn’t new for me, friendo, but it is for Disney.”

Then, Wade is kidnapped by Succession’s own Matthew MacFadyen, starring as a Time Variance Authority (TVA) agent set to recruit Deadpool for a special mission. (First, though, the agent teases Wade for pooping his pants. What’s Deadpool without a little potty humor?) If he agrees to the TVA terms, Wade will be able to become “Marvel Jesus” and join the legendary MCU.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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