Death of the middle class: Will the peasants survive?

For the past 33 years, my husband and I have been clinging to a middle-class lifestyle.

In many respects we are blessed beyond measure. After getting married in 1990, we purchased our first starter home on four acres in 1993 for an affordable price. We moved rural, started a home woodcraft business, plunged into intense financial insecurity, then climbed back out again into the middle class. During this process, we learned the art of frugality to the nth degree.

We moved again in 2003 to larger but still affordable home (we had kids by then) on more acreage, built up a homestead, raised and homeschooled our daughters, continued to support ourselves through our woodcraft business and worked very hard to keep our financial heads above water. We were still middle class, but barely. Debt hovered over us. Frugality is what got us by.

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We downsized in 2020 to a smaller home on smaller acreage, paid off all debt, gifted the woodcraft business to our older daughter, and embarked on a life of continued frugality as we earn our income through various freelance means. Thanks to decades of frugality and a grim determination never to be in debt again, we can still count ourselves among the middle class.

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But now the global elites have determined the middle class should die.

The starter home we purchased three decades ago became the collateral to upgrade or downsize over the term of our married life. That’s what kept us in the middle class, even on a woodcrafter’s income.

But the younger generations, including our kids, don’t have that option. Many are locked out of home ownership or other middle-class benchmarks through no fault of their own. Wages are stagnant, home prices and mortgage rates are skyrocketing, starter homes are practically nonexistent, and inflation continues to climb. It is inexorable that the middle class is losing its grip and sliding downward.

It’s not just the younger generations either. A good friend who is my age admitted rising costs are hitting her family hard. “We figured that due to increases in everything, we have a shortfall each month of at least $2,000,” she said. She says they’ll be OK, but it’s scary. They’re ramping up some side gigs to survive.

Meanwhile, wealth – much of it the wealth of the middle class – is being consolidated into the hands of the few. We are being pushed, whether we like it or not, toward a dystopian future where we’ll own nothing and allegedly be happy about it. (Personally, I always thought that globalist “promise” sounded like a threat.)

“With government support, whether right- or left-wing, the new billionaire class freely engages in the transferring of wealth from the lower classes unto themselves,” writes columnist Hanne Nabintu Herland. “Since the 1980s, this development has accelerated through the rise of the globalist transnational business model. It is dependent upon weak nation states and open borders in order to access a cheaper labor force, and it refuses to pay taxes to any given country or redistribute wealth when outsourcing jobs to low-cost nations.”

It gets worse. “[T]he rules that apply to regular citizens, who are so heavily taxed in many nations that they hardly make ends meet, does not apply to the top elite,” continues Herland. “The people are rendered practically voiceless in the billionaire-owned mainstream media. This, by the way, was Vladimir Lenin’s communist recipe of how to get rid of the middle class: ‘The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.’ … We are sinking into the quagmire of national poverty while the billionaire class takes it all.”

Public education, from kindergarten through graduate school, teaches young people the evils of free market capitalism, and the wonders and security of socialism. As the middle-class lifestyle moves increasing out of their grasp, those younger people are embracing the very structure that is destroying the world economy and their own prospects.

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Now the chickens are starting to come home to roost. As a cohort, the younger generations will never be able to achieve the middle-class lifestyle that was so common among their parents. Without the traditional trappings of adulthood – including home ownership – how will younger generations achieve the usual benchmarks of the middle class? Short answer: Many won’t.

Deprived of the wealth-building opportunities that derive from historic capitalism (which is vastly different than crony capitalism) that pulled millions out of poverty, the middle class is systematically being robbed of their wealth by the globalists. My friend is a classic example, and she and her husband may soon drop out of the middle class.

Meanwhile, in an unprecedented development, a tiny class of elites will control most of the world’s assets. This has happened before in various regional régimes, of course, but never on a global scale. We’re definitely entering unknown territory here.

And honestly, it’s no secret what the globalists have in mind, though any speculation is dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” (though as the saying goes, the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is six months or less).

That’s why global crisis after global crisis is being pushed with such aggression. If the COVID scare didn’t work, maybe climate change will. If that fails to cow enough people, then expect some other dire global emergency to emerge.

Along these lines, sovereign nations are handing over their sovereignty to global entities with nary a peep. The World Health Organization, for example, can declare a pandemic (or even a potential one) based on little more than hearsay. Not only are nations obliged to push the WHO’s narrative, but it also means a loss of medical freedom and bodily autonomy for us peasants.

As things become more centralized and oppressive, I believe people will instinctively expand their personal “parallel economy” activities while tightening their circles. Expect a lot more gardens and backyard chickens. Expect a lot more self-employment and entrepreneurship. Expect a lot more interest in alternative medicine. Expect a lot more small-scale manufacturing. Expect a lot more unconventional educational options.

None of this will be done with blowing horns and clanging symbols. It will be done quietly, but with steely determination.

The elites may kill the middle class, but the peasants won’t die. We’re tougher than they think.

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