Deion Sanders addresses Texas A&M position and his time at CU

DENVER (KDVR) — Deion Sanders has had a massive impact on the University of Colorado at Boulder. Not just as the school’s football coach, although the team’s turnaround is worth noting, but also in terms of money and attention being paid.

As the NCAA Division-I Football season comes to an end, some schools have vacancies and there’s speculation that Sanders may be a one-and-done coach for the Buffs.

His name was mentioned again on Sunday after coach Jimbo Fisher was fired from Texas A&M. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith brought up Sanders’ name as a possible replacement.

“Deion Sanders in the SEC,” Smith said on an episode of ESPN’s GetUp. “With that vault that they have available to them. Them hogs that he could recruit. He doesn’t have them at Colorado, and he ain’t going to get them. I don’t think they’ll do it. Texas A&M, Prime Time, Deion Sanders in the SEC? That needs to happen.”

Coach Prime, as he’s often referred to, was asked about this head-on during a press conference on Tuesday. In his answer, he responded to the rumors of the vacant position at Texas A&M and his time with the University of Colorado Buffaloes.

But fans hoping to get a clear answer may not be thrilled with his seemingly intentional word choices.

“We gotta win. Let’s focus on this week. We play Friday so we lose a day of practice so we gotta focus,” Sanders said in response to Texas A&M.

While Sanders didn’t directly say that he’s staying in Boulder, he does point to the fact that he has roots here.

“I’m here. I’d tell them my mother’s here, my sister’s here, my dog is here, my daughter’s here, three of my sons are here,” Sanders said. “My other daughter comes during every home game. We’re here. I get mail here. I claim taxes here. I pay taxes here.”

Sanders isn’t the only one who’s (hopefully) coming back. In the conference, he said that he expects around 90-95% of the team will be back next season.

Source: Rocky Mountain News

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