Democrats Fail America's Youth As Dozens Of Schools In Illinois & Maryland Have Zero Kids Proficient In Math

Democrats Fail America’s Youth As Dozens Of Schools In Illinois & Maryland Have Zero Kids Proficient In Math

“Democrats always congratulate themselves on being the only party truly concerned with education, especially of the underprivileged, and regularly attack conservatives and Republicans for their “callous indifference.” The Democratic Party Platform, presenting itself as a savior of the underclass, calls for billions of dollars in “bold new investments” by federal and state governments to make good public schools available to every child, “no matter what zip code they live in,”” an excerpt from the “Shame of the Schools” book read. 

Despite Democrats plowing tens of billions into public K-12 education, schools across the nation are failing in their core mission to educate. 

The answer by Democrats for failing schools is to spend, spend, spend. However, the evidence of Democrats spending into oblivion on education, yielding positive results for the future generation, has yet to materialize: 

“The average test scores for U.S. 13-year-olds have dipped in reading and dropped sharply in math since 2020, according to new data from National Assessment of Educational Progress.

“The average scores, from tests given last fall, declined 4 points in reading and 9 points in math, compared with tests given in the 2019-2020 school year, and are the lowest in decades. The declines in reading were more pronounced for lower performing students, but dropped across all percentiles,” NPR reported. 

In Maryland and Illinois, two states controlled by radical Democrats, evidence is mounting that progressives are failing to educate the youth. 

Independent research firm Wirepoints found that, shockingly, 53 schools in Illinois had zero students proficient in math at grade levels. The state spends $40.6 billion on K-12 education or $21,750 per student – some of the highest in the nation. 

And also read. 

Similarly, investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News’ Project Baltimore found last year that 23 Baltimore City schools did not have a single student proficient in math at grade level. Again, another school district with a massive education budget but higher spending doesn’t result in better student outcomes. 

This is very sad for the future of this nation. 

Meanwhile, “Leftwing Democrats work overtime to establish the idea that the failure of our inner-city schools is wholly the responsibility of mean-spirited, tight-fisted, and outright racist Republicans ready to consign minority children to the social ash heap,” an excerpt from the Shame of the Schools book noted. 

Democrats need a rescue plan to save America’s failing public K-12 education system that they oversee. It probably doesn’t help when leftists inject toxic CRT and DEI into education curriculums. 

Let’s get back to actual learning and critical thinking, something Elon Musk is pushing with his new private K-12 school in Texas. 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 02/08/2024 – 19:25
Source: Zero Hedge News

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