Democrats’ open-border policy becoming a national threat

One longtime Republican presence is now warning that “generations to come” will be dealing with problems generated by the “Democrats’ open border policy.”

“Mainstream Democrats, Republicans, and Independents need to wake up and help take back our country. Elections have consequences and this November’s elections couldn’t be more important,” writes Saul Anuzis, former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and current president of 60 Plus Association, a seniors advocacy group.

“Today’s liberal/progressive Democrats who control their party want to destroy America as we know it. Don’t ignore the obvious. Don’t ignore what they say. Don’t ignore who they empower. This is a dangerous situation and only America’s voters can fix this,” Mr. Anuzis advises.

“Vote as if the future is on the line for your country and the generations to come,” he says.

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The House Budget Committee’s Health Care Task Force offers a helpful perspective on worrisome trends in the nation’s economy and the effect on Americans in general.

“It’s not a revenue problem; it’s a spending problem. The nation’s debt currently stands at more than $34 trillion. With about $5.79 billion in new debt incurred each day, it is blatantly clear that our fiscal house is not in order,” the committee noted in a statement shared with the Beltway.

“Unfortunately, congressional Democrats believe the only way to tackle this growing crisis is to raise taxes on American families — many of whom are struggling to get by. Republicans and Democrats generally have two very different perspectives on how to get out of this mess. As Ronald Reagan once said, ‘Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15,’” the committee advised.

“But even if every day was April 15 — even if Congress did raise taxes — how impactful would those revenues be toward our effort to pay down our $34 trillion federal debt?” it asked.

The current debt — as of Friday — is $34,155,015,629,668.67, according to the U.S. Treasury.

“The American people deserve a clear understanding of the cause of the nation’s fiscal woes. Rather than blaming high deficits on low taxes, the numbers prove that the environment is to be bogged down by more taxes,” the committee said.

“The House Budget Committee is on a mission to deliver change for Americans and reverse the curse of the reckless tax-and-spend culture of Washington,” it later noted.


South Dakota Gov. Kristie Noem has offered some insight about circumstances at the southern U.S. border in recent days — and President Biden’s reaction to them.

“What is his motivation for allowing all of these illegals to come into America and give them prepaid credit cards and housing and health care and all the rest?” asked Maria Bartiromo, anchor of “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News.

“He’s weak. And somebody is running the White House. I don’t believe it’s Joe Biden. He’s never been this extreme,” the governor replied.

“This is an extreme remaking of America, and it is a socialist, communist agenda. I think that they have so infiltrated the Democrat Party that it’s no longer the Democrat Party of 20 years ago. It’s now a socialist party that does not want a strong America,” Ms. Noem said.

“The people that are coming across that southern border aren’t coming here to be like American citizens, to love our country, to protect our freedoms. They’re not coming here because they love our Constitution. Some of them are coming for opportunity, but they’re being manipulated by the Mexican cartels and put in very dangerous situations,” the governor noted.

“You talk to anybody who’s in Border Patrol, in ICE, down there in the Texas National Guard or public safety, they say you have to come to this country right. Yes, the humanity and the inhumanity of what we’re seeing down here is horrific, what Joe Biden’s allowing to have happen,” she continued.

“But you have to do things right, or else you have consequences that we will pay for with our freedoms,” Ms. Noem said.


President Biden’s reelection campaign weighed in on former President Donald Trump on Sunday. Here’s a comment about Mr. Trump from Biden-Harris spokesperson Ammar Moussa, from a written statement shared with the Beltway:

“This man loves dictators – he’s constantly heaping praise on Viktor Orban, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un as ‘highly respected’ and ‘strong’ – so Americans must take Donald Trump at his word when he promises repeatedly to rule as a dictator on his first day in office. Trump is running to force his extreme, unpopular agenda on the American people and being a dictator is how he’ll do it. These aren’t empty threats – his record of trying to overthrow elections and relentless encouragement of political violence speaks for itself,” Mr. Moussa said.

“He’s made it clear that if elected again, he’ll use the government to punish his political opponents and take every possible step to undercut our democracy. The stakes of this November election could not be any higher and President Biden will continue to fight every day to protect our democracy from Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans who are hellbent on lighting our Constitution on fire for their personal gain,” he noted.


• 19% of registered U.S. voters say they consider themselves to be “very conservative” in their general approach to political issues.

• 18% say their approach to issues is “somewhat conservative.”

• 36% say their approach to issues is “moderate.”

• 13% say their approach is “somewhat liberal.”

• 11% say their approach is “very liberal.”

• 3% are not sure what ideology their approach is.

SOURCE: An NBC News survey of 1,000 registered U.S. voters conducted Jan. 26-30.

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