Denny’s reveals the item customers think is ‘cursed’ – and you might be surprised

A BELOVED diner food chain has revealed the item that many customers think is “cursed” – and it might not be what you think.

For decades, Denny’s has kept customers fed and satisfied with its extensive food menu.

Denny's revealed which item on its menu is 'cursed'


Denny’s revealed which item on its menu is ‘cursed’Credit: Getty

As part of a Friday the 13th tradition, Denny’s shared several superstitions customers have about the restaurant.

Some of the superstitions include never cutting into a pancake until everyone at the table gets their food

Doing otherwise will mean that you’ll never get full.

Another rule to follow is to not toast with a glass of water “or you’ll spill your glass and then some.”

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But Denny’s revealed the “cursed” item on its menu.

“The Fried Cheese Melt was cursed!” read a tweet from Denny’s Twitter account. 

The infamous fried cheese melt first entered the Denny’s menu in 2010, easily becoming a top pick on the value menu.

Denny’s crafted the yummy treat with two slices of sourdough bread, melted American cheese, and four fried mozzarella sticks. 

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Customers only had to shell out $4 for the meal, which came at a whopping 895 calories.

However, the item was quietly removed from the menu in 2021 with the company hoping that it wouldn’t cause a commotion.

Despite this, fans were up in arms about the removal, with some even creating a petition calling for its return. 

One customer called the meal, “the most amazing thing on Earth,” according to Change.

Another said at the time, “there’s nothing better to wrap up a great night than fried cheese melt at Denny’s with my closest friends.”

The fried cheese melt had been a staple on the Denny's menu until it was discontinued in 2021


The fried cheese melt had been a staple on the Denny’s menu until it was discontinued in 2021Credit: Denny’s Diner

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