Don’t throw away tissue boxes – they make the best kitchen storage & your plastic bags will never get out of control

IT’S never good to let things go to waste.

Whether it’s food, clothing, or household products, it’s best to make the most use out of what we already have.

Rather than toss a tissue box once you're done with it, save it for reuse


Rather than toss a tissue box once you’re done with it, save it for reuseCredit: Getty

According to the site, there are a few things that most of us throw out prematurely when we could really be using them for so much more.


One of the items we immediately toss once we’re done with the contents are tissue boxes.

If you use up every last tissue, there seems to be no reason to keep the lightweight cardboard.

But these boxes can actually come in handy for organizing your home.

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Rather than keep an overwhelming pile of plastic grocery bags under your sink, you can use the tissue box to store them.

The slit at the top of the box makes it easy to pull out the bags when needed.


Rather than go out and buy a handful of pricey glass mason jars to store things like screws and bolts, just reuse your plastic peanut butter jars.

These are a safer option as they won’t easily break into shards.

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Remove the labels with hot water and you’re good to go.

Pro tip: you could screw the tops under a utility shelf and twist the jar portion on and off so that they hang rather than take up cabinet space.


After you drink your Starbucks latte, you probably just toss the paper cup away.

You shouldn’t, as these things can be pretty useful around the house.

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Use them to water small plants.

With plants like cacti, succulents, and aloe vera – which don’t require much water – the small hole on the top of the coffee cup will allow you to control how much water pours out.  

You can use the tissue box to store plastic grocery bags


You can use the tissue box to store plastic grocery bagsCredit: YouTube/Handlebar Workshops

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