Drivers rave over $6 Amazon find that ensures you ‘never have trouble’ seeing rainy mirrors – it protects against glare

A LOW-cost Amazon item has earned rave reviews from car enthusiasts for its rainproof abilities.

In a YouTube Short, a mechanic unveiled how the $6 product can easily apply to any car.

A driver said a $6 Amazon item kept rain off their mirror


A driver said a $6 Amazon item kept rain off their mirrorCredit: Instagram/motionfixkenya
The film works for any mirror shape


The film works for any mirror shapeCredit: Instagram/motionfixkenya

The video Short, created by a mechanic with dozens of car videos (@cardezire9041), showed the water-resistant product can be applied in three quick steps.

First, a sheet of the blue-filmed product can be added to a car’s side mirror.

Then, the product must be gently flattened onto the mirror.

After a short wait, the film can be removed from the surface.

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After the application process, the mechanic filmed the mirror as he doused it with water.

All of the water swiftly fell off the now-water-resistant glass, keeping the mirrors clear for drivers during inclement weather.

The water-resistant films are cut into several sizes and shapes to fit any vehicle.

The U.S. Sun found several similar products on Amazon.

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Drivers can grab an eight-pack of similar items for $5.99.

Amazon said customers will receive four oval-shaped covers and four square-shaped covers along with the tools to apply the film.

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The product will also stave off fog and glares from other vehicles, Amazon said in the product listing.

Amazon suggested that drivers ensure there is no dirt on the mirror before applying the film, not to clean the mirror within 24 hours of the application, and to cut the film to exactly the shape of their mirror.

Verified customers who bought the Amazon product gave the item 3.2 out of five stars.

“I really like the fact that it will perform as expected,” one customer said in their five-star review.

However, other customers reported issues applying the film and seeing in the mirror after the application process.

“This made my mirror look more cloudy then it did before,” a reviewer said in a one-star review.

“It easily scratches with the application tool provided.”

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