BAILEY Baker breaks down as the family dog Bronson dies and brings back memories of her mum next week in EastEnders. 

Bailey’s mum Dinah Wilson decided to end her life in 2019 after struggling with depression. 

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Bailey is gutted when her pet dog dies[/caption]

The family have also been grieving the loss of Chantelle Atkins, after she was killed by her abusive husband Gray.

Next week, Bailey is heartbroken and begs Karen to save Bronson. 

When she explains what the vet has to do, Bailey announces she wants to stay with Bronson when he’s put down.

Later in the week, Bernie and Bailey reminisce about Bronson as a stray dog jumps up and runs off with Bailey’s hotdog. 


Bailey assumes a stray dog is a sign but Karen insists they can’t afford to keep it[/caption]

Bailey immediately announces the dog must be a sign but when Mitch tells Karen that Bailey wants to keep him, Karen admits they can’t afford to.

Later in the week, Rainie enlists Stuart’s help to find the stray dog and Bailey is over the moon when Stuart and Mitch manage to catch him. 

Will Bailey manage to convince Karen into letting her keep him?

Viewers know that Karen has bigger fish to fry after she went on a date with ‘Jordan’ only to realise he was actually serial killer Lucas Johnson earlier this week. 

Karen went on a date with ‘Jordan’ only to realise he was actually serial killer Lucas

The preacher turned murderer ended the life of five Walford residents before he was arrested and sent to prison in 2016.

Mitch realised his real identity after Karen sent a sneaky snap of him to the family chat during their date – and stormed into Ruby’s to send Lucas packing.

Could the Bailey family be Lucas’ next target?

Source: The Sun

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