EMMERDALE fans are convinced they’ve figured out who Ethan Anderson’s biological mother is.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Emile John in the ITV soap – recently vowed to find his biological mother after coming face to face with his dad’s ex Manpreet, who Ethan considered as his mother before she vanished from their lives 15 years ago.

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Emmerdale fans think the new doctor might be Ethan’s mother[/caption]

Fans have been predicting that Manpreet will turn out to be Ethan’s mother in a shock twist after she arranged a reunion between Ethan and his estranged mum, only for his mum to be a no-show.

Viewers were shocked when it was then revealed that Meena had been texting Ethan from a fake number and pretending to be his mother, leaving fans convinced the duo were hiding something.

However, viewers changed their tune after a new character rocked up in the village in the form of Kim Tate’s doctor in recent scenes.


Ethan vowed to find his biological mother after making peace with Charles’s ex Manpreet[/caption]

Kim recently admitted that she was worried she had dementia after suffering from memory loss, fainting spells and blackouts.

And this week, after Kim was visited by a home doctor, fans were left speculating that the unnamed doctor – who is played by Funlola Olufunwa – may be connected to Ethan. 

One tweeted: “I wonder if that doctor that came to see Kim Tate will end up being Ethan’s mum.”

Emmerdale fans have also been speculating that Manpreet is Ethan’s mother

Another added: “Maybe that doctor is Ethan’s mum #Emmerdale.”

Speaking on Lorraine this week, Emile John – who plays Ethan – warned that his character “is not to be messed with” when it comes to maternity plot twists.

He revealed: “Ethan is a very sort of self-righteous person, he has everyone’s best interest at heart but he is very honest, a very honest person.

“If anyone is being done wrong to, he will stick up for them as he’s got a really good, strong moral compass.

“But he is not anyone to be played with, you don’t mess around with Ethan because he will come at you with full force and fire and he’ll tell you about yourself.”

Emile added: “He is a really sort of fully-fleshed three dimensional character, he hurts, he’s got issues with his mother, he doesn’t know his mum so there’s a lot to play with.”

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Source: The Sun

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