Entire family have the same weird thing wrong with their names and people all have the same question

A WOMAN has shared the story of an entire family who all have the same weird thing wrong with their names.

People are confused about not only how to pronounce these names, but also the reason.

A Redditor shares the story of a family she knows who all have weird names


A Redditor shares the story of a family she knows who all have weird namesCredit: Getty

A Reddit user @mermaid1707 posted about the entire family they knew on the forum Name Nerd Circlejerk, where users are free to make fun of bad names and naming culture.

The family, for whatever reason, had decided to replace every ‘I’ vowel in their names with ‘Y’s.

Each family member took a super common name like “Bill,” “Linda,” and “Miles,” and replaced the ‘I’ with ‘Y’s.

“Names of a family I knew: Byll (dad), Lynda (mom), and Myles (son),” she wrote.

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“Yes, those were their full legal first names on their birth certificates.

To make matters worse, the family’s last name also abided by their “Y” rule.

“What makes it crazier is that they have a common sounding last but spelled with a “y” instead of an “i”. (Something like “Smyth”.)

“Lynda told me that she and Byll intentionally chose the “y” name for their kid, so they could all match,” the Redditor posted.

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While most commenters agreed that Myles was a fairly common name to be spelled with a “Y,” others were confused about the pronunciation of the other family members’ names.

“Wow. I’ve seen Lynda and Myles before but BYLL??? Wylliam??” said one commenter.

“That’s got to be pronounced Bile, right?” said another.

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“I know that’s supposed to be Bill but I keep saying Bile in my head. At least they named their kid something normal,” agreed a second commenter.

“Myles is the normal spelling and Lynda is a reasonably common variant spelling, but Byll is fully weird,” said a fourth in consensus.

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