Escaped kangaroo rescued from pool area of Tampa apartment complex

A privately owned kangaroo escaped from its owner and got stuck in the pool section of a Tampa, Florida, apartment complex. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office corralled the marsupial.

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office received notice about the Australian animal hopping around.

“I guess police? There’s a kangaroo in my, uh, apartment complex,” the unnamed caller told the 911 operator, as heard in a video posted by the HCSO on X.

The HCSO agricultural unit extricated the animal by 5:45 a.m., according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The kangaroo, named Hopper, was returned to owner Dunia Ramirez, as she has state permits to own her two kangaroos, the other being Jack.

Ms. Ramirez told Tampa Fox affiliate WTVT this was the first time Hopper escaped, thanks possibly to a worker leaving a gate open while renovating her home. 

She was thankful Hopper hopped the direction he did.

“I’m glad that he decided to go that way because I live next to a busy avenue and I know God was watching over him,” she said.

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