‘Frustrating experience is an understatement’ after McDonald’s overcharged me and my money’s gone because of the app

A MCDONALD’S customer was left hungry for more when they got the wrong order and couldn’t get it corrected.

The diner explained the unfortunate incident in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The chain's app said the location did not exist - preventing them from lodging a complaint


The chain’s app said the location did not exist – preventing them from lodging a complaintCredit: Getty

Don wrote that he ordered a Double Big Mac through the app and paid $7.99 for it.

But when he picked up his food, it was just a single Big Mac.

“I can’t register this complaint on your app or website as this location didn’t give me a receipt because I ordered through the app, and when I use the store locator it informs me there is no store in zip code 04654,” he said.

“To say this has been a frustrating experience is an understatement.”

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McDonald’s apologized to Don and asked him to send them a private message in order to rectify the situation.


Another customer shared their equally unpleasant McDonald’s experience on X as well.

They were shocked to hear that a side of sauce would cost them extra.

“I order a chicken biscuit sandwich and ask for ONE SINGULAR ranch sauce and the grumpy worker says ‘sauces are only for nuggets, and if I want a sauce I have to pay extra’????” they wrote on X.

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“Be f**king forreal.”

McDonald’s replied and said the situation sounded “very unusual” – but being charged extra for sauce at the fast food joint isn’t unheard of.

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A significant proportion of restaurants are owned by franchisees who set their own prices and may choose to charge extra for sauces if they aren’t part of a meal option.

A former employee revealed the pricing breakdown for sauces and sides to Quora.

“We’re not told to not give out ‘too much sauce’ but instead we are told that each specific purchase has a defined sauce packet given for free,” said Ivan Josiah Lapis, who was a cook at the restaurant.

“For example, getting a four or six-pack nugget, you are allocated one free sauce packet.

“However, at our own discretion, we can give an extra free packet.”

He added that one of the main reasons behind the policy is to prevent greedy customers from taking more sauce than they actually need.

“The main reason we charged for extra packets is to prevent abuse,” he said.

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