Gaza Muslim Men Turn To Christ

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

GAZA CITY (Worthy News) – “Numerous Muslim men” in war-ravaged Gaza have accepted “Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior” after seeing Jesus in their dreams, Christians with knowledge about the situation say.

Devoted Christians, who gather underground among a mainly Muslim population led by Islamic group Hamas, described the reported revival as a “miracle.”

Christian apologist Michael Licona, who knows the region well, said, “God is working in the midst of war.”

Licona is a professor of New Testament studies at Houston Christian University and the author of books such as “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” and “Paul Meets Muhammad.”

In comments seen by Worthy News, Christian groups said they “have ministered to hundreds of fathers who have lost most, if not all, of their children in the war” as Israel strikes Gaza in its war against Hamas.

The groups said they “moved these men to safety, we fed them, washed their clothes, and began to read the Bible to them — sharing the way of peace through Jesus.”


They added, “Then a big miracle happened. Last night, Jesus appeared to more than 200 of them in their dreams! They have come back to us to learn more from God’s Word and are asking how to follow Jesus.”

Yet advocacy group Open Doors said it remains concerned about the tiny Christian community in Palestinian territories.

“We are particularly concerned for the 1,070 Christians in Gaza and the more than 45,000 believers in the West Bank, Arab Christians and Messianic believers in Israel,” it added.

As the war between Hamas and Israel continues “to devastate the Gaza Strip, our Palestinian and Israeli brothers and sisters are crying out for the world to pay attention to the deeply troubling situation,” Open Doors noticed.

“In particular, the Palestinian members of the Body of Christ are begging the world to remember them—including the global Church. God’s Word tells us that we are joined to God’s people in the West Bank and Gaza as “one Body and through one Spirit, and in one calling of hope,” the group explained, referring to Bible verse Ephesians 4:4.

However, “Open Doors’ partners in the region say that Palestinian Christians feel trapped between their identity as Arabs and their faith as Christians.”

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