Haley Stevens defeats Andy Levin in Michigan primary pitting two Democratic House members

Rep. Haley Stevens, a first-term lawmaker, defeated Rep. Andy Levin in a Michigan Democratic House primary Tuesday night that pitted the two incumbents against one another.

Ms. Stevens, 39, declared victory when she opened a double-digit lead in the primary battle.

Ms. Stevens had  60% of the vote after polls closed Tuesday evening and Mr. Levin, 61, had 40%, with about 57% of precincts reporting.
Mr. Levin conceded by phone around 10:30 p.m. EDT, according to his campaign.

“My friends, it’s not a mystery why we beat the odds. We stayed in Congress because we listened. I listened,” Ms. Stevens said in declaring victory in Birmingham shortly after 9 p.m.

While both were forced into the newly re-mapped 11th Congressional District, Ms. Stevens was granted 45% of her original district in the new district, while Mr. Levin was left with only 25% of his old district in the newly formed seat.

Mr. Levin, who comes from a powerful Michigan political family and began his career in Congress in 2018, was outspent by the more moderate Ms. Stevens two to one.

Ms. Stevens received $3.2 million from the United Democracy Project, an AIPAC-aligned Super PAC, while Mr. Levin upset pro-Israel organizations for sponsoring the progressive-backed ”Two-State Solution Act” that would make the creation of an independent Palestinian state an official U.S. policy.

However, the J-Street PAC, a more liberal pro-Israel organization advocating for a Two-State solution, supported Mr. Levin.

This article was based in part on wire-service reports.

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