Here’s How U.S. Black Leaders Can Open Trade Doors With Africa

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s December summit on U.S.-Africa trade presents an opportunity for Black political and economic leaders to make the most of the moment, and create new partnerships between America and the continent.

Black voters in the midterm elections flexed political muscle in coalitions in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and New York, among others. In Maryland, where Blacks comprise 30 percent of the population, history was made by electing Wes Moore as governor and Antonio Brown as attorney general. Surely, this is a time of unprecedented political power for Black Americans.

Adding to the moment is the United Nations General Assembly proclamation of 2015–2024 as the “The International Decade for the People of African Descent.” It is an attempt to promote diasporic development in the aftermath of slavery—including the fostering of equitable patterns of trade between Africa and Black America.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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