Hero Fiennes Tiffin Is Totally Fine With Playing the Villain

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

When a person has a name similar to their job—i.e. a water researcher named “Andrew Drinkwater”—they’re filed under a category called “nominative determinism.” When Buzzy Cohen played and hosted Jeopardy!, for example, he validated the hypothesis that people work close to what their name implies (perhaps the Jeopardy! buzzer brought him to the game show).

Hero Fiennes Tiffin would like to have a word with the creators of this concept. It isn’t working for him. He can’t stop playing evil.

“It’s weird, [because] my name’s Hero, and I keep getting cast as villains,” he says, speaking about his turn as cruel slave trader Santo Ferreira in the brilliant new action flick The Woman King. Pair that with playing a young Voldemort in the Harry Potter series (he’s Ralph Fiennes’ nephew) and the somewhat emotionally abusive boyfriend of After and you’ll get the full picture.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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