Highway Patrol trooper called ‘a Godsend’ after delivering second roadside baby in three weeks

Master Trooper Da’Von Brame has faced his fair share of emergencies during his nearly 25-year career with the Kansas Highway Patrol. But nothing quite compares to helping deliver a baby on the side of the road — let alone delivering two babies in the span of just over three weeks!

“My coworkers call me Dr. Brame,” he laughed in a recent interview. “We’re not trained in birthing; I think that may be something that needs to be added to the curriculum.”

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On January 12, Master Trooper Brame had just begun his patrol in the wee hours of the morning when he heard the call that a couple was on the side of the road with a baby on the way. Mike and Lauren Rosales were trying to make it to the hospital in Wichita over an hour away, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

“The minute I told Mike that it was time to go, I just felt like we weren’t going to make it,” Mrs. Rosales said. “All of a sudden, things got really really really fast and about the minute we got in the car, I was like, ‘Mike, this baby is coming. We’re not gonna make it.’”

Thankfully, Master Trooper Brame showed up five minutes later. Having experienced the birth of his three children and similar situation on the side of the road just weeks earlier, the veteran trooper knew just what to do.

“As long as the baby’s breathing and crying and staying warm, that’s what you do until paramedics get there,” he explained.

That morning, Pierson Rosales was born on the side of Interstate 35 in Kansas, earning the nickname “Miracle on I-35.” And the Rosales family can’t thank Master Trooper Brame enough for being there when they needed him most.

“He was a Godsend. We appreciate him,” Mike Rosales said.

“We’re eternally grateful to him and just very, very fortunate that he was able to be there with us that night, and like I said, just very grateful,” Lauren Rosales added.

As for Master Trooper Brame, he’s just happy that baby Pierson was born healthy and safe, and he plans to check up on the youngster as he’s able.

“[Mike] wants me to come back for [Pierson’s] first birthday and I’m gonna make it a point to do that on his one-year birthday,” Mr. Brame said. “And hopefully, maybe, as long as I live, you know, I can you know, see him every birthday or keep in contact with him and say, ‘Hey buddy,’ ya know, ‘How’s it goin?’ And make sure he’s doing good.”

And while a roadside delivery is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most highway patrol troopers, Mr. Brame is more than satisfied with two—especially in such a short amount of time.

“[January] was pretty crazy,” Mr. Brame said. “I hope that’s it, but if it comes again, I’m ready for it.”

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