Hollywood legend Mary Pickford on family: ‘No home can be a completely happy one without God’

(Image courtesy Unsplash)

(Image courtesy Unsplash)

(MOVIE GUIDE) – Canadian-born actress Mary Pickford, who was known for becoming “Hollywood’s first million-dollar actress,” emphasized the blessing and joy of motherhood.

In an article published from 1948, Pickford wrote about her journey in adopting children with her husband Buddy Rogers.

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“‘Have girl for adoption along lines discussed,’ the telegram read. Perhaps the most thrilling message in my life – it was from a Foundling Home,” she wrote at the time. “Buddy and I were on a plane the next morning, excited at the thought that our search might be over. But I personally had a feeling of panic too,” she said. “We had been years trying to find a child. Once before we had settled on an adorable two-weeks-old baby girl. All formalities and paper-signing had been completed, and we had even prepared a nursery for the baby in our home.”

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