Honda recalls 750,000 cars over air bag issue

Japanese automaker Honda issued a recall on over 750,000 vehicles Tuesday after discovering a problem with the airbag sensor in several popular models.

A filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said inspectors found a malfunction in the front passenger seat weight detector, which could crack and fail to suppress an airbag.

Honda said no deaths or injuries have been related to the malfunction since June 2020. Affected models include the Honda Civic, Accord and Pilot from 2020 through 2022.

According to the NHTSA, Honda said a supplier replaced a material found in the circuit board of the weight sensor after a natural disaster impeded manufacturing at a Honda subcontractor. The replacement material was more prone to malfunctioning.

In December, Honda recalled over 2.5 million cars in the U.S. over a malfunction in the fuel pump.

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