How a Heavy Metal Sound Guy Screwed Up a Tight Race for the GOP

Patty McMahon

At a Sunday night concert-turned-campaign rally, guitarist Rod Rivera hailed an unlikely new voter base shaping Colorado politics.

“I am so proud of every fuckin’ metalhead. The metalheads went out to vote,” Rivera, frontman of the band Driven By Turmoil, announced in a break between songs. “We made a difference in the vote with Dan Ward. He’s right here! Come on up to the stage, Dan Ward! Get your ass up here. Congressman Dan Ward!”

Ward, a tattooed electrician who doubles as a soundman for Driven By Turmoil, bounded onto the stage and pumped his fist in the air, his index and pinky fingers up in a heavy metal salute. The band then launched into Ward’s unofficial campaign theme song, a thrash anthem called “Shut The Fuck Up.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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