How Bonnie Milligan ‘Fought Tooth and Nail’ to Reach the Tony Awards

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty/Christopher Boudewyn

Bonnie Milligan’s Tony Award nomination was no surprise to her mother Jeanie. When Milligan was a teenager, Jeanie made her promise that when the day came—as only a devoted mother can be sure that it will—she would be Milligan’s date to the Tony Awards. Well, as maternally preordained, that moment has come, with Milligan nominated as the best-featured actress in a musical category for her role as the immensely funny, big-voiced con artist Aunt Debra in the Broadway musical Kimberly Akimbo (Booth Theatre, booking to Oct 8).

Deb’s crackpot schemes are a key backdrop to her niece Kim’s determined bid to joyfully defy the misery of a life-threatening physical condition, and all the familial dysfunction that swirls around her. (Kim is played by Milligan’s good friend Victoria Clark, also Tony-nominated in the lead actress in a musical category.)

“My mother reminded me of her request in November when the show opened,” Milligan told The Daily Beast, laughing. “I was like, OK, Mom, I got you.’” Milligan’s mother will be attending the event with Milligan’s older brother Tim, a National Guard warrant officer. “They’re both very proud. He’s an important guy and has to get approval from generals to take leave. It means so much they’ll both be there.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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