How Céline Dion Musical ‘Titanique’ Became the Hottest Show in New York

Emilio Madrid

There is grave concern about leaving the basement of the shutdown Gristedes in Chelsea. It is a sacred space: the sanctuary of ecclesiastical camp, belting to the heavens, and utter and complete silliness.

Since the summer, the theater space Asylum NYC—which is, really, located underneath an abandoned grocery store—has been home to Titanique. A fever-dream miracle created to manifest pure joy, Titanique is a musical in which Céline Dion swears she was on the Titanic herself. She then narrates the events, as in the fictional tale of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater from the 1997 film, as she remembers them—all while everyone sings the Grammy-winner’s most famous songs.

As the New York theater scene struggles to recover from the pandemic, Titanique has been a sold-out smash. At its Asylum NYC location, where, in lieu of a splashy Broadway marquee, there is a sandwich board on the sidewalk that advertises it as “the greatest piece of theater I have ever seen”—an endorsement made by yours truly—audience members line up outside the (truly haunted) former Gristedes. That line has gotten steadily longer and more rambunctious as the show extended twice, due to popular demand.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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