How long to beat Diablo 4 and what is in the postgame

DIABLO 4 will supposedly sustain its players into the next console generation.

However, if you are planning to beat the main campaign, you’ll be able to do it a little faster than that.

Diablo 4 hors that people will keep playing for years to come.


Diablo 4 hors that people will keep playing for years to come.Credit: Blizzard

But then there is the massive post-game that you can dive into, and all the activities you can do alone or with friends.

Here’s how long it will take you to beat Diablo’s main campaign, and what the post-game has to offer.

How long to beat Diablo 4’s campaign

The duration of the main campaign is only around 30 hours if you intend to focus on the main quest.

It’s not impossible to avoid side content completely as there is a minimum level cap for the final dungeon. 

You must be over level 45 in order to enter this dungeon, which is unlikely to happen if you only complete main quests.

The above estimate allows some time to do several side quests, expeditions, strongholds, and minor dungeons as an average player would in a normal run.

Of course, many people will be faster or slower than the time we have recommended.

Diablo 4: What is the postgame? 

Once you finish Diablo 4’s main campaign, most players will want to go to the Tree of Whispers.

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These are bounties that reward you with a special currency for high-level equipment, and are only available for a limited time.

Completing bounties adds to your gauge, which rewards you with chests.

You can also take part in Helltide, a server-wide global event that makes enemies strong and increases rewards.

You can also unlock more world tiers by completing specific expeditions you didn’t get to in your first playthrough.

You can also take part in PvP and challenge others at the Fields of Hatred.
Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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