How much money can you withdraw from an ATM? Maximum cash withdrawals for UK banks revealed

MORE and more people use their cards to make payments now, but having cash in your wallet can also be handy.

There are tens of thousands of ATM machines across the UK which allow people to withdraw cash.

 There are around 53,000 ATMS across the UK


There are around 53,000 ATMS across the UK

Most withdrawals are from free-to-use machines, but some charge you.

The limit for contactless card payments has now risen to £100 which has seen a drop off in how much people use ATMs.

Plus, plenty of people are still hesitant about handling notes after coronavirus restrictions discouraged us to for health reasons.

But that now restrictions have eased, many of us may feel comfortable using cash again.

There are many things you need to withdraw notes for – here’s how much you can get from each bank. Plus, we look at how it compares to withdrawing your money over the counter.

Each branch is different and charges will vary between names and locations.

Your own account balance is a key factor too, and some banks have higher limits on withdrawals than others.

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You can find your nearest cash machine using the Link cash locator and typing in your postcode – it will also tell you if the machine is free to use.

How much can you withdraw from an ATM?

Lloyds and Halifax

At Lloyds and Halifax you can withdraw up to £500 a day.

The maximum amount of cash you can withdraw over a branch counter at Lloyds or Halifax is £2,500.

However, if you pre-order the cash you can take out more over the counter.


For most Nationwide accounts the maximum amount you can withdraw per day is £300 at an ATM, but you can get up to £500 in branch.


The bank states the withdrawal limit depends on what type of account you have, how much is in it and whether you have an arranged overdraft.

Customers with personal current accounts can take out up to £300 per day from an ATM, while Premier and Platinum accounts can take out up to £1,000 per day.

Barclays Business accounts can take out up to £750 per day and BarclayPlus account holders can withdraw up to £50 per day.

NatWest and RBS

How much you can withdraw if you bank with NatWest or RBS depends on the account you have.

Holders of Student, Graduate, Savings or Adapt accounts can all withdraw £250 a day.

Foundation, Select, Reward, Silver or Platinum account holders can take out up to £300.

If you have a Black account, the limit is £750 a day.


Regardless of what account you have, the limit for withdrawals from TSB is a maximum of £500 each day.


With Santander you can withdraw cash up to £300 a day from an ATM.

If you have a Santander Select Current Account, you can withdraw £1,000 in a single day.


If you have a HSBC bank account the limit is £300, while HSBC Advance accounts can withdraw £500.

If you have HSBC Premier, it’s £1,000.

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