I confronted my HOA over $1,400 fine for parking my pickup in my own driveway – ‘too bad it has to be this way’

A TRUCK driver has exacted revenge against his HOA after incurring over $1,000 of parking fines in his own driveway.

In a YouTube video, the Ford F-250 owner paid his parking fines in a time-consuming manner.

A YouTuber said his HOA charged him thousands for parking his truck in his own driveway


A YouTuber said his HOA charged him thousands for parking his truck in his own drivewayCredit: YouTube/Teeth & Turbos
He exacted revenge against the HOA


He exacted revenge against the HOACredit: YouTube/Teeth & Turbos

“In the past year, I have been charged $1,400 by my homeowner’s association,” the YouTuber, Parker Mitchell (@DrMitchell), said in a video.

The YouTuber’s super-sized truck, the HOA claimed, was parked in the driveway for too long.

According to the YouTuber, the pickup truck’s driveway presence was a fine-able offense.

However, a similar-sized SUV would not have incurred the same fines.

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“I can get a $1,000 Crown Victoria, put it in the driveway … but I can’t park my $90,000 pickup,” Mitchell said.


The YouTuber said he is paying the fine but will protest the decision by making it difficult for the HOA.

“We have got ourselves $1,400 in quarters, dimes, nickels, and mostly pennies that we’re going to be putting into five-gallon buckets and bringing to the president’s house,” he said.

He paid the fees with $500 in pennies, $200 in nickles, $200 in dimes, and $500 in quarters.

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Overall, there were 38,000 coins.

He claimed the HOA sent the maximum fine to the homeowner after snapping pictures of his truck in the driveway.

However, the driver said the photos didn’t have timestamps and weren’t fully verified.

He admitted to frequently placing his truck in the driveway to give him access to more space in his garage.

The garage, filled with a Dodge Challenger, is not large enough to house two vehicles when he is working on one of the cars.

“I spend a lot of time in here,” the YouTuber said.

“It’s where I go to clear my mind and work with my hands.”

The HOA decided to levy the fine on the owner despite the pleas for understanding.

He unpacked every individual coin into a series of buckets.

“The Federal Reserve says that coins and currency are all legal tender for debts to be paid,” he explained.

“This is legal – I am doing it.”

He ended by saying he “lost the battle” because he paid the fine.

But Mitchell said he hopes the gesture means the HOA will stop fining him.

Other YouTubers jumped into the comments section to suggest broader changes.

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“The best way to get back at a HOA is to take it over,” one commenter said.

“Get other neighbors to get involved, run for the HOA board, go to meetings, get the rules changed.”

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