I found a $15 clothing item for three cents on Walmart secret clearance – plus, ‘cute’ home decor for $1.30

WALMART clothing can be yours for just three cents thanks to the magic of hidden clearance sales.

TikToker dealswithnat2 does videos on the best deals she can find at Walmart, Target, CVS, and many other retailers.

Dealswithnat2 found out-of-season shorts for just pennies


Dealswithnat2 found out-of-season shorts for just pennies

In addition to her nearly 59,000 followers on TikTok, she also has a presence on Instagram where she has 125,000 followers.

In this video, she showed how the Scan & Go feature on her Walmart app uncovered major savings on both menswear and a home decoration perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Dealswithnat2 made her way to the menswear section where she found out-of-season shorts.

Out-of-season clothes and items are often prime targets for hidden clearance sales.

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She homed on grey cargo shorts and scanned the barcode with her Walmart App to see if there were any hidden sales.

While the tag said $14.98, the hidden sale was an amazing 3 cents.

That wasn’t the only pair massively discounted.

A pair of $14.98 tan utility shorts were also revealed to be on sale for just 3 cents.

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The 3 cent fun didn’t stop with the shorts.

Dealswithnat2 rummaged through a store bin and found a two-pack of Wall’s Pocket Tee shirts for just 3 cents.

While she did not show the original price, ordering a pair online will set you back $10.


Her last find was a $1.29 glitter Valentine’s Day wreath from Ombre.

And with this pick, you are in luck.

While it was under hidden clearance at dealswithnat2’s store, it is also discounted on Walmart’s website.

The wreath was originally $15.29.


Walmart’s hidden clearance sales can range from ordinary to outrageous.

Dealswithnat2 alone has other videos showing other 3-cent hauls.

Recently, a fellow TikTok bargain hunter was able to find an 18-piece kitchen set discounted from $49 all the way to $4.50.

But, all hidden clearance hauls pale in comparison to SynthiaSaves’, who was able to find an $897 patio set discounted to $5.

See how Walmart’s garbage bags measure up to name-brand competitors.

And take a look inside Walmart’s largest store in the nation.

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