I haven’t worn a bra for years – I get so many messages about showing off ‘too much’ but it’s deliberate

ONE woman is freeing the nips and her response to respond to those who judge her for doing so.

MJ Hedderman is constantly slammed for never wearing a bra, but she’s confident in her choice not to.

MJ Hedderman confidently never wears a bra and lets her nipples show through her shirt


MJ Hedderman confidently never wears a bra and lets her nipples show through her shirtCredit: TikTok/ mjhedderman

The known TikToker (@mjhedderman) isn’t afraid to speak up about how her nipples are usually visible, but that doesn’t stop others from judging.

She posted a video to explain how she addresses the haters who comment on her no-bra appearance.

MJ sat in her car in a low-neck yellow halter top and spoke to her camera.

The blonde-haired woman described most of her criticism is sent through her direct messages on social media.

I never wear a bra but it’s so gross when pervy men stare - - it’s unacceptable
I've got big boobs - I never wear a bra & love risking a wardrobe malfunction

“My favorite DMs to get are when girls are like: ‘Hi, just so you know, I can see your nipples through your shirt. I didn’t know if you could tell in like the seven pictures you posted,” MJ said.

In response to these girls, MJ will say: “Thank you for noticing. They’re nice, aren’t they?”

MJ added that she hasn’t worn a bra in several years.

And her nipples are her “favorite accessory.”

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Women related to MJ’s experience and commented on their beliefs on “freeing the nip.”

“I honestly forget that people don’t like them to show thru hahahahaha,” an honest woman wrote.

Another fan said: “I got mine pierced of course I’m showing them off.”

“I love this so much,” a woman expressed.

“OMG YES I’m like that’s the point bae,” a relatable woman commented.

One sarcastic individual wrote: “Classy.”

“I know,” MJ responded.

“Tell em, sis,” an encouraging fan said.

People tell her she "shows too much," but she doesn't care


People tell her she “shows too much,” but she doesn’t careCredit: TikTok/ mjhedderman

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