I styled a black bra as a top – people say my underwear as outerwear look is ‘gorgeous’

A WOMAN showed off the outfit she styled and people were obsessed with how innovative she was.

She utilized her underwear as outerwear, wearing a black bra as a top.

Ellen, a fashion influencer, styled a black bra as a top


Ellen, a fashion influencer, styled a black bra as a topCredit: TikTok/ ellen.vlora

Ellen Vlora (@ellen.vlora), a fashion content creator, shared a video of herself getting ready for a party with over 130,000 TikTok followers.

With her makeup already done, the influencer added a few extra steps to jazz up her look, like adding glitter to her hair.

The party host, a brand named Revolve, sent the influencer two pieces to style.

She held up a houndstooth jacket and black jeans with straps from the sides that hug the waist.

I’m in my 50s & styled an underwear-as-outerwear look - people say I'm 'amazing'
I wear underwear as outerwear - life’s short & lingerie too expensive to not

Ellen paired the jeans with a strappy black bra, then threw the jacket over herself.

“Lovers and friends, and this completes …this is going to be my Y2K (2000s-themed) outfit for Revolve Social Club.”

She threw on a pair of black heels, sunglasses, and jewelry to complete the look.

People were obsessed with her sense of style: “Gorgeous,” said one commenter.

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“I looveee,” agreed another.

“So cute!” said a third.

People said the look was 'stunning'


People said the look was ‘stunning’Credit: TikTok/ ellen.vlora

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