I tried Skims shapewear in a S/M – I’m amazed I got them on but no one told me about the secret design feature

THIS TikToker got herself a S/M in Skims shapewear but couldn’t believe the secret feature it offered.

Kim Kardashian‘s Skims line of loungewear, underwear, and shapewear has been the talk of women’s fashion for some time.

Fashion aficionado Alexis Pernice (pictured) tried on a pair of black Skims shapewear and found a surprise feature


Fashion aficionado Alexis Pernice (pictured) tried on a pair of black Skims shapewear and found a surprise featureCredit: TikTok
Alexis claimed there is a "pee hole" in the bottom of the shapewear piece


Alexis claimed there is a “pee hole” in the bottom of the shapewear pieceCredit: TikTok

Style influencer Alexis Pernice finally got herself a pair of the viral shapewear in a recent video and was amazed by the product’s size after unboxing.

“Look how little these are,” Alexis said.

“We’re gonna try these on and see how they fit.”

After trying on the black shapewear bottoms, Alexis explained that she was “shocked” the piece fit her.

Additionally, she noted it was a struggle to get the Skims on at first.

“It was a workout to get them on,” she continued.

Despite this, Alexis said she was happy overall with how the piece hugged her body.

“I think they look good, the only thing — I wish they like, sucked me in a little more right here,” she explained while motioning to her stomach.

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However, the fashion pro did note one more “secret” feature of the shapewear that surprised her and made her feel a little “weird.”

Alexis claimed there was a “pee hole” on the shapewear, seemingly for easy bathroom access.

“So it’s just open,” she said.

“A little weird to me, um, can’t believe in all of the reviews I’ve seen no one mentioned that, so I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Although this feature left Alexis hesitating, she continued that the Skims provided her with much of what she was looking for.

“Overall really good quality, good material,” she said.

Alexis then tried the Skims on under a full multi-colored bodysuit that she planned to wear to a club later and approved the result of the final look.

“OK, so it’s giving snatched,” she noted.


Alexis wasn’t the only one surprised by some aspects of Kim Kardashian’s Skims line.

One woman recently revealed that she had accidentally worn the Skims dress backward, but many people argued that it worked better that way.

A pair of fashionable friends who wear sizes 4 and 18 also tried Skims and said that, to their surprise, the product fits everybody.

Nevertheless, some surprises by other influencers were more negative, leaving reviews a little mixed.

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One style pro noted that the underwear made her look pregnant, while another explained that the Skims bodysuit in 3X left her “out of breath.”

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