I was asked ridiculous demand at a self-checkout machine when buying a $1.99 water bottle – I refused to comply

A WOMAN has revealed a new self-checkout feature that has left many people outraged.

While at the airport, Alexa Merico was shocked when her self-checkout kiosk asked her to leave a tip once she scanned her $1.99 water bottle.

Alexa Merico recorded the shocking demand she saw at self-checkout


Alexa Merico recorded the shocking demand she saw at self-checkoutCredit: TikTok/ lexmerico
The unattended self-checkout machine asked for a tip


The unattended self-checkout machine asked for a tipCredit: TikTok/ lexmerico

She filmed the moment for TikTok (@lexmerico), where she attempted to get her item at the unattended CIBO Express Gourmet Market.

‘”I need a 20% discount for my service,'” she joked in the caption of the video.

“Only in America… Will you be prompted to leave a tip at a self-service snack kiosk,” Alexa vented.

While she had the option to add anywhere from 15%-20%, Alexa, of course, opted not to tip the kiosk.

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In a little over a week, the video garnered massive attention, gaining 12million views and almost 6000 comments.

Many were just as surprised as the TikToker, believing it was greed that motivated this new self-checkout request.

“I will always tip the worker, but this is basically tipping some CEO who’s probably at home in PJs (pajamas),” one person speculated.  

“Bro the tip is that I respected the [honor] system and paid and don’t just walk out with my water lol,” a second remarked, with a third chiming in: “Shouldn’t they tip you for doing all the work?”

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However, others tried to give an explanation for the kiosk’s tip system.

“It’s because the same software and user interface is used for all these self-checkers now,” one user explained – to which Merico replied: “And it’s ridiculous.”

Someone else echoed: “We use those for our vendor booth. The program that it uses has that as a default setting. Can’t change it unless you buy a customer setting.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to CIBO Express Gourmet Market for comment.

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