I was fined $250 and got a point on my driving record – but I found a $99 option to fight the ticket and insurance costs

A TIKTOKER has found the best way to beat speeding tickets, and it cost her less than the original fine and didn’t affect her record.

Speeding tickets can be a hassle, especially when they’re for minor infractions or slight differences in speed.

Speeding tickets can wreak havoc on someone's driving record, especially when the differences in speed are minor


Speeding tickets can wreak havoc on someone’s driving record, especially when the differences in speed are minorCredit: Getty
A TikToker has found an ideal online solution, and it didn't raise her insurance premium


A TikToker has found an ideal online solution, and it didn’t raise her insurance premiumCredit: TikTok / arinekim

Arine, a TikToker (@arinekim) who was driving from California’s San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, was cited for driving 85 mph in a 70 mph zone, and the fine was a steep $250, and it came with a point on her license.

She noted in her video that with a point on her license, it would raise her insurance premiums substantially, which would cost her a lot more in the long run.

Living in Los Angeles but the ticket being written in Fresno, which is in Central California, going to court to fight the ticket was not an option – so she started doing some research.

On Reddit, she was able to find two valuable resources for fighting tickets.

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“One way is by doing a trial written declaration, so websites like Ticket Ninja, basically just make you pay $50 to help you write a trial written by declaration, they’re not actual lawyers,” she said.

“And they have a pretty high success rate.”

She found a second option, which worked best for her – though it was a little more expensive.

“The alternative option that I opted for is I found an online service – the one I used is called Off the Record,” she continued.

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“They will actually hire a lawyer on your behalf to fight your ticket, and what’s really nice about this option is that it cost me $99 and they have a 100% money back guarantee if they’re not able to have either your ticket dismissed or your fine reduced.”

She continued on to say that although it was more expensive, it was worth the initial cost to keep her insurance costs low.

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“For me personally, paying $100 seems like a much better option than paying a $250+ ticket fine in addition to my increased insurance cost due to having a point on my record,” she said.

In the caption, she wrote that she does not condone unsafe driving or speeding in any way, but there are options to fight speeding tickets if people feel they were given unfairly.

Other people in the comments section wrote about how they got out of a speeding ticket.

“I did trial by declaration myself, mailed it to the court, and got off scott free,” they wrote.

“The cop was too lazy to submit paperwork.”

Another person indicated that their price for the site was over $1,000, but their ticket was a much more serious offense than 85 in a 70 mph zone.

“I was doing 101 in a 55 mph zone,” they wrote.

“It worked, though!”

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Someone else wrote that certain programs can help reduce the fine.

“If you are on Medicaid or government assistance you can get your ticket cut in half!” they wrote, earning 1,386 likes.

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