I was hit with a hidden surcharge for a plane ticket despite booking online – other airlines’ hidden fees are even worse

A FORMER nurse has revealed she was hit with an extra fee when she was booking her plane ticket online.

Experts have revealed tips for travelers wanting to avoid hidden fees.

Travelers have told how they've been hit with extra charges when booking trips (stock image)


Travelers have told how they’ve been hit with extra charges when booking trips (stock image)Credit: Getty

Carolyn DiDonato was booking a trip from Trenton, New Jersey to Fort Myers, Florida when she noticed she had to pay a non-refundable $23 charge, as revealed by The Elliott Report.

She raged: “It was definitely a hidden fee.”

The Carrier Interface Charge can be as much as $23, Frontier has explained.

Frontier spokesperson Jennifer De La Cruz told the Elliott Report: “The carrier interface charge is a fee used to cover the technology and infrastructure costs associated with the development of web and mobile-based booking and check-in tools.”

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She revealed the charge can be avoided if the ticket is bought at the airport.

Travelers heading from Trenton to Fort Myers will have to fork out an extra $53 during the booking process for one carry-on bag, The U.S. Sun can reveal using the Frontier price checking tool.

If they were checking their carry-on bag in while at the airport kiosk, the charge would increase to $79.

The fees are different depending on the flight.

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Forbes reported that on a flight from Seattle to Denver, a carry-on bag would cost $57 if travelers paid during the booking stage.

It would jump to $68 if travelers paid at check-in, before increasing to $79 if paid at the airport counter.

Frontier offers a range of services that are optional.

The cost of pre-booking seats is from $11 and the option of boarding the aircraft first can cost up to $9.99.

Travelers can fork out between $6-12 if they want the option of priority boarding and on-board snacks and refreshments are priced from $3.50.

Experts have revealed that joining a low-fare club can reduce the costs of tickets, but these programs come with an enrolment fee.

Research from Nerd Wallet has revealed that airlines such as Jet Blue and United charge $35 for a checked bag, while Spirit charges customers around $60 for one piece of carry-on luggage.

Money-saving experts have offered advice to customers wanting to avoid hidden fees.

These include not choosing to book seats before flights and choosing an airline that doesn’t charge baggage fees.

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Research from Net Voucher Codes has revealed that Spirit charges 736 percent more in hidden costs.

The U.S. Sun has approached Spirit Airlines for comment.

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