I was tired of my rubbish bin ruining my living room but then I came up with a solution – and it looks loads better

WASTEPAPER bins around the house are a necessity but, just like those gaming chairs, they instantly ruin the aesthetic of any room.

This is a problem which, like most of us, was driving home décor enthusiast Erin mad… until she thought of an easy solution.

The mum-of-two was fed up of the ugly rubbish bins ruining the aesthetic of her bedroom


The mum-of-two was fed up of the ugly rubbish bins ruining the aesthetic of her bedroomCredit: Instagram/@theheartandhaven
But then she came up with a genius solution - and we're sure you'll love it just as much


But then she came up with a genius solution – and we’re sure you’ll love it just as muchCredit: Instagram/@theheartandhaven

The mum-of-two, who regularly shares tips and tricks on Instagram as @theheartandhaven, explained you can make a much more prettier – and aesthetically pleasing – waste paper bin by using a woven basket and a small plant pot.

”Garbage cans looking too garbage canny?

”Why not grab a cute little basket, one of those plastic planters from the garden centre and line with a trash bag?”

Showing the amazing difference it made to her bedroom, Erin was stunned by the results.

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”It looks so much better – blends in nicely, especially in a bedroom or a home office.”

Uploading the simple swap on social media, the mum added in the caption: ”I had a hard time finding one for my son’s room and my bedroom where I keep my desk, they mostly looked sterile so this was an easy solution!”

With more than a whopping 3.1million views, the clip has taken the internet by storm and we’re certain you’ll love it just as much as Instagram users have done so far.

Many were, in fact, so impressed with Erin’s idea, they dubbed it ”life-changing”.

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”My word. Ok so..this is life changing. And I’m not being facetious. I never thought of this,” one fan was speechless.

A second agreed, writing: ”Okay well this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!”

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Amongst the millions of viewers were also those who warned others to be aware of what’s getting thrown away in these cans.

”Paper items are fine. Food items will absorb into the wicker and start smelling, especially if it splashes up against it,” a social media fan penned.

Home looking cosy and welcoming is, of course, important – but you should also pay attention to the different smells lingering around that might put off your guests from visiting.

Luckily, one cleaning enthusiast’s come to rescue with an easy hack that will make any room smell fresh in just seconds.

The cleaning fan, also known as CLEAN WITH ME (@cleaning_obsession_) on Instagram, took to social media to share the trick – and with over 5.2million views, we’re certain it’s bound to become a staple in your home too.

According to the woman, believed to be from the UK, the answer to a fresh smelling room is as easy as using laundry scent boosters mixed with a splash of water.

In the now-viral clip, she used Lenor pearls in Pink Blossom, which can be found in ASDA for just £3.

If there’s no ASDA nearby, you can also purchase a bottle of these beads for the same price in Wilko, where the product is currently on sale.

The mini pink pearls have become a hit amongst fellow cleaning fans who can’t stop raving about the lovely scent.

”The first time I bought this I thought it would be a rather sickly sweet smell but it’s actually quite pleasant. I prefer it to my usual one, which is the blue one,” one left a positive review.

A second added: ”I bought these as I liked the other products in the range and can’t fault them!

”Smells amazing and is long lasting.”

To make your own DIY scent booster, simply pour a few dozen of the pink pearls into a spray bottle before adding water.

Ensure the beads dissolve properly by giving the mixture a vigorous shake.

This, she revealed in the video, can be sprayed onto almost everything – from your bedsheets, décor, fake flowers and even your blinds by the window.

”My favourite Lenor unstoppable hack,” the cleaning fan wrote in the caption.

Social media users then flocked to comments to share their own recipes for a lovely smelling home, with one penning: ”I vacuum the pearls and so whole my house smells like the pearls while I vacuum.”

A second revealed: ”I place them in a silk bag and place them in the wardrobe. Clothes smell amazing.”

However, not everyone had something good to say about the trick, as an Instagram user warned: ”I used to do this, the smell perfect but it makes stains when you use it too often.

”My black bedding and shirts have white dots that doesn’t get off…”

Add a little bin bag and you're all done


Add a little bin bag and you’re all doneCredit: Instagram/@theheartandhaven
The room's aesthetic was instantly elevated with this simple swap


The room’s aesthetic was instantly elevated with this simple swapCredit: Instagram/@theheartandhaven

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