I wore a Skims slip dress somewhere Kim Kardashian would never be seen – people say I look ‘amazing’

KIM Kardashian is the public face of Skims, but one daring customer wore her viral dress somewhere unexpected.

She rocked the slip at a concert, even though the singer has bad blood with the brand’s founder.

Elise is a Skims customer who wore the brand's viral dress somewhere unexpected


Elise is a Skims customer who wore the brand’s viral dress somewhere unexpectedCredit: TikTok/eliseeeeg
Elise styled a Skims slip underneath a sheer, star-print bodycon dress for a concert


Elise styled a Skims slip underneath a sheer, star-print bodycon dress for a concertCredit: TikTok/eliseeeeg

TikTok user Elise (@eliseeeeg) had lots of shopping to do before the event of the season: Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

When she assembled her Midnights-inspired outfit, it included an unexpected component, she revealed in a video.

“I just wanted to share what I’m wearing to the Taylor Swift concert,” Elise said, smiling as silver stars on her torso winked in the light.

Stepping back, she gave the camera a full view of her celestial look.

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“I’m just so excited with how this outfit came together,” Elise said.

She wore a sheer black long-sleeve, covered in silver constellations, over an opaque black tank dress.

Silver boots, a matching purse, coordinating earrings, and star-shaped hair clips gave the look a head-to-toe shimmer.

“Everything on my body is Amazon, except the slip dress underneath, which is Skims,” Elise explained.

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The Fits Everybody Slip Dress, $62, provided a perfect backdrop for her shimmering ensemble.

Viewers were captivated by the on-point concert look.

“See you there!” said one fan. “You look beautiful.”

“You look amazing,” wrote another Swiftie. “Have so much fun watching our girl Taylor Swift.”

“Girl, you look stunning,” another local viewer said. “I hope I see you there!”

No one left any snarky comments about the Skims dress, but many were curious about where to obtain the star-print dress.

Elise shared the link to the bodycon star dress, $35, and her viewers were overcome with gratitude.

“You are an angel sent from the heavens,” one professed.

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