Icebergify: What is the Spotify iceberg music trend?

SPOTIFY users have found a new way to categorize their music taste with Icebergify.

With Icebergify, Spotify Users are comparing their music tastes with one another.

The Icebergify music trend of 2022 allows users to categorize their music tastes with an image of an iceberg


The Icebergify music trend of 2022 allows users to categorize their music tastes with an image of an icebergCredit: Twitter

What is the Icebergify Spotify music trend?

Icebergify is a tool that Spotify users can utilize to organize and categorize their music interests, Mashable reports.

The tool collects data from users’ Spotify app using an image of an iceberg to illustrate the diversity or lack thereof in music.

If a user listens to a more popular artist such as Taylor Swift, that artist will be placed towards the top of the iceberg.

However, the more niche an artist is the lower their placement will be on the iceberg.

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One artist that would be seen lower on the iceberg would be an artist such as Banks, as not many people know her music compared to Swift’s.

Icebergify is the latest music tool trend to analyze one’s own listening trends.

Recently users have also been using the Spotify pie chart in a similar way.

The Icebergify website states that it is an “open source tool that creates an ‘iceberg’ style chart of your favorite artists on Spotify.”

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How can I get Icebergify?

The Icebergify tool can be accessed by visiting the tool’s official website.

Icebergfiy was created by Akshay Raj, per the websites about page.

Users can create their own music iceberg by signing up on the Icebergify website.

Spotify users can use their account login information to sign up.

Spotify is a music listening app that launched in 2006


Spotify is a music listening app that launched in 2006Credit: Getty – Contributor

Alternative ways to sign up include signing in through Facebook, Apple, or Google.

If levels in the iceberg appear blank it signifies that the user does not listen to artists with that level of popularity.

In order to fill up more of the iceberg, users can listen to more diverse groups of musicians.

What are Spotify users saying about Icebergify?

The music tool collects data from users’ short-term, medium-term, and long-term listening trends.

Some of the artists in the iceberg could be an artist a user only recently began listening to or a musician they listened to several years ago.

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One user on Twitter wrote: “I finally got Icebergify to work :3 I don’t really listen to twenty one pilots anymore lol”

Another user wrote: “my icebergify results is………an Embarrasmant”

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