I’m a budgeting expert – 7 items you should spend your last $20 on at the Dollar Store & the one you should leave behind

SHOPPING experts have revealed the items you should spend your last $20 on at the Dollar Store.

The list of items from shopping influencers also includes one product you should leave behind.

School supplies are great dollar store finds, according to experts


School supplies are great dollar store finds, according to expertsCredit: Getty
Dollar Tree can be a great place to buy cards and snacks


Dollar Tree can be a great place to buy cards and snacksCredit: Getty


Julie Ramhold of Deal News told Yahoo that brand name candy should be bought at dollar stores.

“Dollar Tree even has things I can’t find elsewhere like small bags of Mr. Goodbar minis, Werther’s Original cocoa creme soft caramels, Butterfinger Bites, various kinds of Haribo candies other than standard gummies, other flavors of Sour Patch Kids and more Swedish Fish varieties than I knew existed,” she said.

$1 pregnancy test

“This one may sound odd, but there is no cheaper way to buy a stick-style pregnancy test,” shopping expert Shannon Maverick said.

Studies show the tests are accurate.

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You may be able to get them in bulk for even cheaper on Amazon.

Plant supplies

Clay pots, glass marbles, and dishes are frequent dollar store purchases.

Trae Bodge, another shopping expert, said she always checks for damage before heading to the check-out line.


Ramhold said that she got glassware for $1.25 a piece at Dollar Tree.

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“I live in a one-bedroom apartment with very limited storage space, so I don’t need to buy an entire set of glasses — in fact, most often I just need two so that my husband and I can each have one,” she said.

“I really love that I can buy different kinds like old-fashioneds, dessert shot glasses, Irish coffee mugs, daiquiri glasses, margarita glasses, and more.”

Project/school supplies

Bodge said that dollar stores are her go-to for kids’ projects.

“If my daughter has a school project coming up, I’ll dash to the dollar store to pick up poster board or foam core,” Bodge said.

“I always buy extra to keep on hand, too, in case we need signage for a yard sale or other event.

“Envelopes, note pads, and paper clips are a good buy, too; however, I will not buy scissors or markers at the dollar store as they tend to be of poor quality.”


Bodge also frequently picks up tape, she said.

“Packing tape, masking tape, and scotch tape are usually a good deal, so I’d buy tape.

“Before purchase, however, I always check the footage of the rolls, as I’ve sometimes found that the rolls contain less tape than rolls at a big box store, office supply store, or wholesale warehouse.”

Holiday items

The last piece of advice focused on holiday items.

“A dollar store is the cheapest place to save on holiday items such as holiday décor, stocking stuffers or goodie bags with party favors for your kids to hand out at school on special day,” Ramhold said.

One thing an expert said they wouldn’t buy at a dollar store, however, is certain kinds of cleaning products.

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“If I have a tough cleaning project, powder cleaning products and steel wool cleaning pads are a reliable purchase at the dollar store,” Bodge said.

“I avoid liquid cleaners, though, as the efficacy tends to decrease over time.”

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