I’m A Celebrity 2022 LIVE: Fans in shock as huge star leaves the jungle & Owen Warner takes a swipe at Chris Moyles

Boy George threatened to quit

Boy George threatened to quit in an explosive rant at crew after they refused him a ride in a golf buggy.

The singer, 61, stormed off, stole an apple then hid behind trees so he could not be filmed.

One insider said: “Sue is allowed to be driven in a golf buggy under special conditions, but the rest of the campmates had to walk back from the trial which involved a steep hill.

“George threw a massive strop and demanded to be driven in his own buggy – but ITV were having none of it as they said it would not be fair on the others.

“He then stormed into one of the production crew tents and pinched an apple, before hiding behind trees so that he couldn’t be filmed by any of the show’s cameras.

“It was a proper temper tantrum, but George wasn’t backing down.

“He was threatening to walk out of the show, and in that moment he probably would have done.”

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