I’m a Costco superfan – here are their best liquors that will replace your name-brand favorites – and they cost less

TRY these affordable Costco liquors that are better than your name-brand favorites.

Alcohol can get pretty expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives. Look no further than your favorite bulk food store for some great-tasting alcohol deals.

Costco store-brand alcohol is cheaper than your name-brand favorites and you won't even be able to tell the difference


Costco store-brand alcohol is cheaper than your name-brand favorites and you won’t even be able to tell the differenceCredit: Getty
Kirkland Signatures alcohol didn't disappoint during a blind taste test


Kirkland Signatures alcohol didn’t disappoint during a blind taste testCredit: TikTok

“Can it Kirkland?” has become a popular skit on the TikTok account of the Los Angeles based band, The Never Ending Fail.

For this skit, the band members go through a blind taste test of two different brands of alcohol.

One brand is a household favorite, while the other is Costco’s store brand, Kirkland Signature.

In a recent video, the band tried Bombay Sapphire gin priced at $25 bottle against Kirkland’s London dry gin for $22.

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When asked which gin was the Kirkland bottle, not a single band member could guess it right.

Why get the pricer name-brand bottle if Costco’s tastes more expensive?

To spice things up, the band decided to try three different types of Vodka in another video.

They tried the Kirkland vodka against two popular brands – Tito’s and Grey Goose both priced around 20-30 dollars depending on the size.

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By a slim margin, three out of the five band members couldn’t figure out which one was the $19 bottle of Kirkland vodka.

This verifies that “it can Kirkland,” as the band would say because it’s a great deal.

In an earlier video, the band challenged a fiesta favorite – tequila.

Kirkland’s silver tequila priced at only $18 for 1750 milliliters went against Casamigos tequila priced at $41 for a mere 375 milliliters.

With the majority of the band guessing the Kirkland tequila correctly, they found out that the tequila “can’t Kirkland.”

However, just because you can taste the difference, doesn’t mean it’s not worth getting the Kirkland brand since the price gap is so big.

Another Costco alcohol that the band tried was whiskey.

They pinned Kirkland’s Tennessee whiskey against Jack Daniel’s.

They are both in the $30 range, however different types of Jack Daniels could get more expensive.

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The popular Jack Daniel’s drink was defeated in a majority vote.

Most of the band members thought the name-brand liquor was the cheaper of the two.

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